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A traditional English bitter, Rusty’s toasty flavour is sure to warm the senses. This particular bitter has a dryer and darker taste compared to others, resulting in a classic, smokey style beverage.

Rusty’s famous namesake was from a young boy who worked at Poet’s Corner Pub where the brewery was originally created. He had bright red locks similar to the colour of the beer itself, and on his birthday a beer was specially brewed and thus, Rusty was born. It’s 4.2% ABV makes for a great hearty drink.

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Bitter, a British version of pale ale, ranges from gold to dark amber in colour. “Bitter”, a term used in the 19th century, soon became the most popular type of draught beer in the 20th century and is known as “the national drink of England”. Typically, bitter is brewed to be around 3 – 7% ABV and modern bitters are softly malts usually with a nutty and toasty quality.

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