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Ernest hopped pale ale


500 ml

Ernest  is golden colour accounts for a session-brewed and hoppy recipe. At 3.6%, this light and fresh pale ale is well loved amongst it’s regular drinkers.

The term “Pale Ale” was first introduced in 1703 when beers made from malts dried with high carbon coke resulted in a lighter colour. Especially so for beers that were popular in this time.

High carbon coke was first used for dry roasting malt way back in 1642. By 1784, advertisements were boasting of such “Pale Ale”. By 1830, the terms “bitter” and “pale ale” were used alike. Although Breweries preferred the term “pale ale” for designating beers, customers would almost always use the term “bitter” to address the same beers so that there would be greater differentiation from the other hopped beers that were poplar in this time.

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