Our Liquorice root stout was created to celebrate the Bassetts family who lived in Ashover, The Bassett family are famous for the Bassett’s Liquorice Allsorts sweets manufacture in the Maynard Bassetts factory in Sheffield South Yorkshire.

Often Liquorice beers are overpowering yet ours is a smooth stout with a soft after taste. Liquorice is often used in the flavouring of food and drink and in Chinese medicine. We love the taste and with the Bassetts family link it made sense to create a stout the celebrate this fantastic root product. Brewed annually it is one of Janine’s favourite to brew and making it with the root not flavourings is a big part in Janine’s brewing ethos of natural flavour.

5.0% abv

500 ml

All our beers are named after Ashover land marks, Ashover people locally sourced produce or the hops used in the brewing of our lovingly crafted traditional ales.

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